Saturday, June 11, 2011

#14 Things get out of hand

Top tip: 'Sometimes things get out of hand. Run with it.'

I spotted this beautiful girl getting out of a cab with a bunch of friends. They were all very merry. When I asked her to pose for me, suddenly her mates joined it and started striking poses. Not what I was looking for but I took their picture anyway.

With the silliness out of the way and her other friend in the doorway letting everyone in, I asked for a quick snap of her alone. She quickly moved to the side to the metal curtain and posed. You could tell she has done this many times before. I got three photos before she ran upstairs to continue with the party.


  1. She has gret warmth. Well captured (and the backdrop works perfectly with her jacket to make her skin pop). Cool.

  2. Just lovely, her portrait is fabulous.