Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#18 Lily Vanilli

Sometimes you just get lucky! When shooting in Columbia Road a couple of Sundays ago, we got stranded by pouring rain. While we waited in the courtyard off Ezra Street hoping for the rain to stop, we found ourselves in a way of a lady running out one of the cafes there. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when it turned out she was running to us with a bunch of delicious cupcakes as she felt sorry for us standing in the rain. I love random acts of kindness like that.

Meet Lily, the woman behind Lily Vanilli. And what a bakery it is! They use old fashioned tools that have been in one of the bakers' family for over 30 years. They bake for Harrods, Elton John and many many more names. You must try their cupcakes when in Columbia Road. They are beyond delicious!