Saturday, June 4, 2011

#7 The Archangel

Top tip: 'Sometimes once is just not enough.'

Street photography and shooting strangers often means you get to meet fantastic personalities and sometimes you get to photograph them more than once. Whenever I take a photo of someone, I give them my card. Some people will send an email requesting a photo, others will never contact you at all. Some will say 'thank you' for the shot, some will ask you if they can come along for a bit of street. Sometimes you meet designers or make-up artists who want to work with you. All in all, street photography is a goldmine of possibilities.

Meet Gabriel, the owner of The Archangel Emporium, an incredibly talented young man, who designs t-shirts with a difference. I originally stopped him last Saturday in Brick Lane as he was on his way to get his lunch. I was a little surprised when he said that as it was already coming up to 6 o'clock. He quickly explained that he was busy all day preparing for Streetfest the following day. I really liked his very friendly manner. Yesterday I met him again but this time for a planned shoot to get a portrait for an article about him and his gallery. Check out his website or even better visit his gallery at 151 Bethnal Green Road.

On another note I took Sosij out for a bit of street photography. She rocked the show (click on her name to see her shots) while I suffered a blow after blow. Yesterday was a major rejection day for me as I got turned down by a stranger after stranger. I guess you can't win everyday!