Friday, June 10, 2011

#13 Two for the price of one

Top tip: 'Want to boost your street confidence? Bring a friend.'

I headed out for the streets with the lovely Lady Velo today. After delicious dinner at our favourite dim sum place, we strolled down the Carnaby Street. I stopped this lovely lady below then encouraged Lady Velo to pick someone to go up to. First there was a gentleman with a hat but she was a little shy about asking someone who wasn't alone. Then we spotted the second lady battling with her bike and I suggested she asks her for a photo for her blog and she did! The lady said 'yes' and you can see her picture below. I fixed her bike so really at the end of it everyone was very happy. I hope Lady Velo uses the picture for her blog as I took the shot but she was the one who asked. 

Stopping strangers is so easy when you are not alone.

Lady #1
Lady #2


  1. Indeed I was shy! I think it's fantastic how you do this and I am so pleased that I spoke to Lady #2 with her bike - and well done on you for fixing her pedals! I will certainly use this over on the blog & credit you... can't wait to do this with you again! x

  2. Lady number 1 is stunning!! How on earth does lady number 2 ride the bike in THOSE heels?
    Love these!!

  3. @ Jools: You know you are always welcome to come along :)

    @ Beverley: Those heels and that skirt! I loved the skirt!

  4. Also wondering about lady 2 in them heels on the pedals!