Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#5 A lady with a cup of coffee in hand

I saw her on King's Road among her friends holding her cup of coffee. I really liked her natural look and gregarious nature. She seemed the life and soul of the party. She agreed to pose for me but unlike most subjects she didn't stand there quietly waiting for me to direct her. She started making conversation. 'Why do you do this?', she asked. 'For fun.', I answered. 

Whatever you may think, spending my Saturday afternoons with a bunch of guys wandering the streets of London is proving quite an enjoyable activity. I have tried many things photographywise since taking it up four years ago. I completed two years of self-portraits, I have participated in and organised photowalks to discover the world around me, I have walked the streets of London and tracked gorillas in Uganda, I have attended and organised strobist shoots, I've worked with models and still life all in pursuit of photographic happiness. I've spent the last couple of years trying to figure out my style and my photographic 'thing' and I am slowly beginning to feel that I have found it. I love the hunt, I take time to watch people and their manner. I get to meet some amazing characters with fascinating interests, personalities and looks. It simply feels right.

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