Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#4 Fredi Marcarini

We all act differently as soon as there is a camera pointed at us. Some of us freeze with a broad but rather fake smile that takes away all the natural beauty, some get fidgety pulling silly faces, quite a lot of us strike a pose, which we consider flattering. There are those of us who are what we call ‘natural’ working with the camera and the light to enhance their portraits and then there are the photographers... This bunch takes control, demands to know what your settings are, advises you on the best composition and directs you to what they consider the right background. I know this too well. Just ask any of my friends!

Meet Fredi Marcarini, Italian photographer. Again it was the pipe that got my attention first (it must be the ex-chain smoker in me!). I spotted Fredi in Portobello Market and asked him to pose for me. He was reluctant at first admitting he was a photographer and was more used to being on the other side of the camera. Once we started shooting, he asked to see the pictures and directed the lights. It was fun shooting an incredibly experienced photographer, who through his experience wanted to influence the outcome of the shoot.

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