Thursday, June 9, 2011

#12 Can I make a mean face?

Top tip: 'Indulge your subjects.'

There's an after party club located in old public toilets by Old Spitafields Market. It sounded slightly surreal when we heard the loud music beats in a middle of busy afternoon street so we came closer to explore.There was a bunch of smokers (thank you smoking ban!) hanging outside.

This chap watched me with interest as I shot another bloke but went all timid when I asked him for a shot too. Suddenly, he was full of excuses 'I don't look good. I'm not photogenic. I have been partying since last night.' but he gave in in the end and asked if he could make a mean face. It was a giggle snapping him as he tried a number of mean faces. He also asked me if I'd teach him photography since he just inherited his grandfather's Pentax. We invited him along to one of our street outings.


  1. Really like his expressions - the ciggie gives it a certain edge!

  2. Do you take peoples name when you shoot your strangers? I always try to get a few facts down. I quit smoking many years ago, and I always enjoy telling people that it is bad for them to smoke, as they didn't already know that!

  3. Thanks :) Steffe: I sometimes ask them for their names and sometimes not. It very much depends on how the whole conversation goes. I live the smoking choice to them though :)

  4. What a great capture, he is really photogenic.