Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#17 Jason The Cabbie

One cannot have a blog about Londoners and not include a Black Cab driver. Now I have always known that to become one you need to pass 'The Knowledge Test', which demands you know every little street within 6 miles radius of Charing Cross. But I never knew that each driver gets their unique number and will get in trouble if not wearing the badge. If they lose it, they need to pay for a new one and will be given another unique number.

Meet Jason The Cabbie. I saw his polishing his cab in a side street getting ready for a busy Saturday night. He was happy to oblige when I asked him for a photo. He was rightly proud of his shiny cab. 

Did you know that a black cab driver can never refuse a fare under 6 miles? 

Did you know that drivers who have passed The Knowledge Test have been scientifically proven to have bigger areas of the brain associated with memory?

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