Monday, June 6, 2011

#9 "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."

Absolutely fantastic day out yesterday. Despite the rain, I managed to get a few really fab street portraits and plenty of 'yes' responses. Rejection blues truly over and forgotten.

This is Gemma from South Africa. She has now lived in London for 11 years. She was standing by Truman Brewery waiting for her friend. I really liked her look. Stylish girls on bikes rate highly in my books.

I spent the afternoon wandering around Brick Lane with Emil, who as always was kind enough to share his expertise. I mentioned a couple of entries before that when I am faced with a stranger, I simply forget what I know about photography and rush into snapping. 'You need a method', said Emil. 'I need a list.', I replied.

Here it is then written down so I don't forget:
1. Set the camera exposure to match the ambient light.
2. Take a test shot.
3. Review the test shot and direct the strobe (choose the ideal angle, power and distance from the subject)
4. Take another test shot and adjust the strobe not the camera settings.
5. Take three or four photographs varying the angles and composition each time.
6. Remember to breathe!

Thank you Emil.

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