Sunday, June 26, 2011

#24 Dougie Wallace

After a couple of weeks of marking exams, I managed to hit the streets again. And a fabulous day it was. Finally, the sun came out after a very very gloomy June.

I was walking back to Brick Lane with my best friend Pola and headed over to Columbia Road Flower Market to see if Jules was having her photo taken there. I saw this guys walk out of the cafe and sit down with his beer. I loved his colour coordination. He was more than happy to oblige when I asked for a photo. He asked me if I wanted his camera in the picture. "What you got there?', I asked and he showed me his beautiful Fuji FinePix x100. I recognised the beauty straight away as I've been lusting after one for a while now. He then told me he was a street photographer and his show 'When I Grow Rich' was opening on 7th July as a part of London Street Festival. I couldn't believe my luck! I already made plans with a couple of mates to attend the opening party so to bump into the photographer like that! London is a funny town.


  1. You are so lucky living where you opportunity everywhere... :)