Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#11 Kathrine The Designer

There are many ways of asking someone for a photo. I find that complimenting people with a big smile often works best. I will usually go up to a person and say 'Hi! I am Tyla. I absolutely love your (insert what attracted my attention to them). We are a bunch of photographers doing street photography. Would you mind if I took your photo?'

Before I even read Emil's invite on London Strobist (mentioned in post #2), I saw Clay Enos' video (see below) about shooting street portraits and was immediately fascinated. He gives plenty of useful advice on how to stop people and how to speak to them. I find his work shown here inspiring.

Meet Kathrine. She grabbed my attention with her clothes. Every detail of her wardrobe was carefully designed for effect. When we started chatting, it turned out she is a designer swapping London for a seaside town. She had the coolest business card too.


  1. Such an interesting post! I have always been curious about street style photography but I am so shy. Next time I see a very well dressed person I might have to try.

    Florrie x

  2. Asking is for girls.
    Raw meat for guys:

  3. hehehe @Idedomu: Well, I am a girl so I'll stick to asking :) I've heard of the guy :) Everyone's got their style :)