Sunday, April 1, 2012

#147 Barbican Explorer

Another stranger from the series of ideas for the weekend.

Meet one of The Barbican Explorers. He was our guide on Architecture Tour of Barbican. Fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Now I thought I knew Barbican and its walkways but turns out there is so much more to this fantastic complex. I could tell you all about it but you'll be much better off booking the tour and exploring the complex yourself. 

Some facts get you thinking:
1. It took them 20 years to build the complex.
2. There is something special about the texture of the concrete walls in Barbican.
3. Barbican has the second biggest Conservatory in London. It's open to the public on Sundays.



  1. This place seems to be great outside as inside!love the shadows on the pavement ;)