Sunday, April 15, 2012

#151 Golborne Man

While wandering around Portobello Road, I decided to visit Golborne Market that I heard about from fellow photographers. I was astonished that around a corner from Portobello, there was a completely different life going on. So many fascinating characters and shops. The street had a real community feel with lots of people drinking and dining by the local stalls.

I saw this elderly gentleman watching the street from his shop. He quickly turned away when he saw my camera.

 I decided to step into the shop for a chat. He was a lovely elderly gentleman who responded to my portrait request with 'Will my face be all over bus shelters?'. He was disappointed to hear no in response but I promised to make him famous on the internet and find him a date on If you are in the neighbourhood, definitely pop into his shop and say hello.

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  1. SUperb portait Tyla, love the mood you captured. Looks like a fun place.