Saturday, April 28, 2012

#157 Dracorubio

Roderique is not a stranger in a strict sense of the word. I have known him on flickr for over three years now. I have always been amazed by his photo manipulations. Just check out his edit of my photo from a couple of years back!

Last night I finally had a chance to meet him in person as he is visiting London once again to teach others about what he does. Ask him on flickr about his PS workshops!

I cannot explain how lovely R is. We talked for a couple of hours about food (munching on delicious langoustines and making lobster plans), our love of photography and the importance of stopping to appreciate life. Both R and I, it seems, are strong believers in mindfulness. For those less familiar with the concept, mindfulness is a way of life really. It encourages you to stop and experience the present, to observe and take your environment in but in a non-judgmental manner. I completed a course in mindfulness a couple of years back and haven't looked back ever since. It has allowed me to be a much happier person than I ever was and it gives me the perfect excuse to play with my food.

Meet R.

In B&W

In colour

Being mindful, right?

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