Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#149 The Londoners On Tour in Scotland

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break. I spent mine visiting Inner Hebrides in Scotland. Beautiful countryside, friendly characters and plenty of delicious seafood.

Meet one of the guys who took me and my family out to Staffa Island on the boat. He was a pleasant character. He was slightly taken aback by the request and the big camera but he was kind enough to pose for me. Thank you. 

It takes so much character to live in the Southern Hebrides. The weather is tough on both the landscape and the people with most living off fishing, sheep or tourism, limited ferry access to the mainland and single traffic system throughout the island, not to mention the fact that you are very much isolated from the world with no mobile phone reception on the island other than one spot where you can get just about enough signal from Vodafone to have a quick chat and it involves you standing on the top of a very windy hill (and no or very limited internet I guess - ouchie!). There are only about 2000 people living on the island but on the plus side they have a very good pub to population ratio or so I have been told by the local guide.

If you get a chance to visit Scotland, I recommend going on the Staffa Tour to see the amazing rock formations there. You can see some of them here.

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