Sunday, March 18, 2012

#146 Paul The Projector Man

Looking for a fab way to spend a Sunday afternoon in north London? Why don't you book a heritage tour of Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley? It was such an informative and interesting tour. 

Phoenix Cinema, previously also known as Rex Cinema, has been around for a hundred years. It has started off with silent shorts and moved to Blue-Ray DVD technology in recent years. One of the first films shown there on the opening night in May 1912 was a film about the tragic Titanic ocean liner which had recently sunk.

Meet Paul, the man behind the projector. He had plenty of stories to tell and he is a great story teller. The man loves his projector machines and I now know how the cinema works.


  1. what a coincidence - I programme the Thursday morning films at the Phoenix cinema for the film studies course I teach - Paul projected the film last week & we had a chat!

  2. Waw what a great idea!No doubt you enjoy the visit!

  3. That looks like a fab place to play!!! love the rich lighting