Sunday, April 29, 2012

#158 Adde Adesokan

It has been the weekend of photographic encounters. The second stranger of the weekend, again not in the strict meaning of the word is Adde.
He is most well-known among the photography community for his triptychs of strangers so I couldn't resist turning his-lovely-self into a triptych too. 

In awe of his style, I asked him ages ago if he fancied a bit of a photowalk when he was in London and he said yes. It has taken us a few months or so, quite a few chats but we finally met today. I got to hang out with him and his mates for a bit of the day, albeit slightly hungover. It was great to banter, learn a few German words I will probably never have to use in my entire life (unless I lose a coaster while in Germany), earn myself a street name and take them to a couple of my favourite places even though it seemed the boys were mainly interested in eating.

Things you need to know about Adde? He is the loveliest and friendliest guy ever, loves travelling, eats ALL the time and has a TV quote for every situation. It has been a pleasure and am already looking forward to our next meet.

Proudly displaying his new gear (it's a pretend-sulk really). 
 Food tart!

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  1. I love this presentation. Must try with the kids- it could be like those games with the folded paper- mix up the body parts...