Sunday, June 17, 2012

#167 At Marylebone Summer Fayre

I must admit that I have been struggling lately with my Londoners blog. All this photography has felt rather forced lately, trying to find interesting people but struggling to do so. Even when I do succeed, I find they still fall into one category of certain type of characters. Characters I like, I must add. It's just when you photograph similar characters you fall into a trap of predictability. Today ended up being a fantastic reminder of what it is all about.

We headed out to Marylebone Summer Fayre. I must admit I have not heard of it before yesterday even though it's been an annual event for 8 years. I am definitely going back next year though. The whole thing was fantastic. Brilliantly organised. Not to mention the crowds of fascinating characters. It was photographer's dream playground.

Among many I spotted this gent. He really stood out with the honey orange colours and a pint of London Pride. He reminded me of my favourite writer, Bill Bryson. This charming gent was chilling at the fayre with a group ladies. He seemed rather timid but was more than happy to oblige when asked to be photographed. You must admit he has the friendliest smile ever. Thank you!

Slightly more serious take:

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