Monday, October 24, 2011

#108 The Londoners On Tour in Hitchin 1

Thank you goes out to my dear friend, Sosij for having me over in Hitchin for a day. I love this town so it was a pleasure taking my street project to the streets of Hitchin. 

We were walking past Four Leaf Clover Restaurant when I spotted the elderly chap. He was quite the character. When I asked him for a photo, he laughed and said, 'Where do you want me? Or my place or yours should I say?' It turns out he found his way to Hitchin when he arrived in Britain at the back of a truck after a few years of working in Romania. Such a colourful character!


  1. He came out lovely, you captured his character well...LOL at "The Londoners on Tour" I had wondered how you would do that!