Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#41 Fishmonger

Fish anyone?

When wandering around Weymouth looking for sailory looking types to no avail, Disco Stu walked into this fishmonger's shop located right on the quayside. I followed him in and asked the gentleman pictured below if he would be kind enough to pose for me. He quickly agreed. 

Unfortunately, as soon as Daz, my lovely assistant, pulled out the strobe the shop started getting crowded so we waited. Finally, one last couple who were looking at the fish looked at us and asked us if we wanted to shoot him now. They were happy to wait. Obviously, as soon as I pointed my camera at him, his mate came out from the back and called him over for something. He turned around and shouted 'Not now. I am being made famous.' I managed three clicks including the test shot before the shop got crowded again so couldn't do anything about the umbrella reflection. 

I must say he was the most patient and easygoing bloke ever. Thank you for that Mr Fishmonger.

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